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Assembly and Preparation Instruction of Pipes by Hookah Snail

6 steps on the way to smoky pleasure

Step one


First of all, put on the carbon for heating up, a couple of pieces will be enough (coconut coal in priority), 30 minutes after the start of the pic, you can put another piece of carbon to warm up to warm up. Before putting carbon, make sure that it is heated to absolute redness.


Step two

Tobacco stuffing

Start preparing the bowl: beat it with hookah tobacco or a nonstop mixture (do not strongly compact tobacco – “fluff to the fluff and come out a feather”), the amount of tobacco should be approximately at the level of the upper edge of the well in the middle. Cover the bowl with a special aluminum plate.


Step three


Fill a portion of the hookah flask with ice (preferably chopped into small pieces), which will ensure the presence of cold smoke for 40-45 minutes. Do not overdo it with ice, as when smoking it will melt and water in the flask can become too much, which can adversely affect cravings.


Step four


Pour a little cold liquid into the flask, it can be water or some interesting cocktail with the addition of berries, pieces of fruit or syrups that will add to the smoke the extra taste. The water level should be such that the holes of the shaft tube are drowned in the liquid by 1-2 cm.



Step five


Make sure that all rubber parts and glass areas that must be connected to them are absolutely dry. Firmly install the shaft into the flask, insert the prepared tobacco bowl into the hole at the top of the shaft and install the protective cap. Connect the hose with the glass mouthpiece at one end and with the hookah connector on the other.



Step six


After 2-3 minutes, start smoking a hookah. If in the process of smoking you feel that the tobacco starts to burn and be bitter, make a back blow (gently exhale the air into the mouthpiece, ie inside the hookah), so you will almost cool the bowl. With proper smoking, the minimum time for a smoke is 40-45 minutes. Pay a separate ATTENTION: after a poke, the shaft from the bulb must be disconnected by the circular motion of the hand (like unscrewing the can lid).



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