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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

For your convenience, on this page we have tried to collect answers to the most frequently asked questions. If among them there was no question that arose with you, you can always ask it in our online chat, as well as using a quick feedback form on the home page of the website or in the contacts section.

1. How long can you smoke water pipes by Hookah Snail?

2. How correctly to cook “Mini” and “Glass”?

3. Tobacco is the same as in a conventional shisha?

4. Is it possible to smoke these hookahs if there is no ice in the flask?

5. Can I score a fruit mixture?

6. Where came up with a hookah in a glass?

7. Which is better: a classic or your hookahs? Price-quality ratio.

8. What to do if the bulb or mine is broken, is it easy to buy them separately?

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