Personal Bracelet-Mouthpiece

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Stylish and unique in its kind personal bracelet-mouthpiece Hookah Snail. Colors in the range.

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Bracelet-mouthpiece for hookah-smokers is a unique development of the kraft cooperative Hookah Snail. This “gadget” has no analogues. It is intended not only smoking hookah, but also for compliance with sanitary norms. So, personal mouthpiece-bracelet performs several functions at once, both aesthetic and hygienic!

Personal bracelet-mouthpiece Hookah Snail: Characteristics

The individual mouthpiece-bracelet Hookah Snail is an excellent option for both use in hookah bars, and at home. The main attention we paid not only to the truly luxurious appearance, but also to the high quality of the product.

As a bracelet we use a familiar “Bracelet of Survival”, hand woven from 3-3.5 meters of high-quality paracord. Paracord is a super strong nylon cord that is used by paratroopers as a parachute lanyard. Only one layer of it can withstand a load of more than 250 kg per break!

In addition, the paracord quickly dries, is not susceptible to decay and ultraviolet light. Easily rubs off when dirty, durable and almost does not fade! Equally well sits on both the left and the right hand.

Main characteristics

  • Bracelet material: Paracord 550;
  • Colors: black braid + color of the core in the range (blue, black, red, pink, yellow, orange, lilac, green). Individual order of a color palette is possible;
  • Dimensions: S, M, L;
  • Clasp: “Diamond knot”;
  • Roulette: A branded retractor with a pull-out thread (50 cm) firmly stitched into the bracelet, at the end of which there is a special silicone ring for the mouthpiece;
  • Mouthpiece: black matt silicone Soft Touch, length 5 cm, outer diameter 1.7 cm.

Buy a bracelet-mouthpiece for hookah “Hookah Snail” is quite simple. Fast delivery is carried out from Ukraine to all countries of near and far abroad.


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