Mini Pipe by Hookah Snail

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Mini Pipe by “Hookah Snail”.

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Desktop Mini pipe by Hookah Snail is a brand new product on the world market. Incredibly stylish, provocative and, most importantly, smoky hookah. Ideal for smoking for 2 people.

The set includes*:
• Flask
• Mine
• Bracelet-sealant
• Phunnel hammer bowl
• Aluminum mini-kalaud
• Protective cap against coal loss
• Food silicone hose
• Glass Mouthpiece (1 unit)

* The whole set is packed in a stylish gift box.

* In addition, we offer you to buy a comfortable wooden stand with illumination on the remote (12 colors, 4 modes)

Mobile mini hookah and its advantages:

  • For 40-45 min of smoking, it will take only 8-10 g of tobacco;
  • A powerful taste-transfer, which exceeds the transfer of taste in classic hookahs;
  • Sufficient ease of maintenance: The mini pipe “Hookah Snail” is easily disassembled and cleaned (it can be washed in a dishwasher), even after the most spicy and strong tobacco, there is no smell in the mine;
  • The speed of assembly / disassembly – even a girl without appropriate skills will cope with this simple task;
  • Density of smoke;
  • A wide variety of taste decisions that you can embody with our hookah on a glass – almost limitless!
  • Perfectly combined with alcoholic beverages (as a cocktail-filler, of course), which, for example, can compensate for the absence of nicotine in unnicotine stones or creams (gels);
  • Accurate, stylish and presentable appearance.
  • Comparatively inexpensive price tag;
  • Fast delivery is carried out in the countries of near and far abroad.

In order to understand the entire charm of this smoking unit, it must be at least once to try. And we are convinced that this time will not be your last. The richness of taste decisions, which can be realized with the help of a portable mini hookah Hook Snail – are virtually limitless, and the fragrance itself is very, very rich, and most importantly without an unpleasant or sugary aftertaste!

Are there any doubts? Try it and see for yourself!

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