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A personal mouthpiece for a hookah is a stylish and convenient accessory for professional hookah servers and frequent guests of hookah lounges. The individual hookah mouthpiece is not just a convenient “gadget” for smoking session, but it is also used to comply with sanitary standards. That is, a personal mouthpiece on the neck performs several functions at once, both aesthetic and hygienic.

A bit of history

Apparently, the prototypes of modern personal mouthpieces appeared in Arab (and not only) countries already in the distant past. And they appeared about the same time as the hookahs themselves.

As you know, “narguile” or “shisha” at that time smoked only representatives of the nobility. The role of hookah servers was performed by their servants or slaves. Of course, they did not have the right to smoke from the same tube with the nobles. That is why they always hung their own pipes around their necks, through which they lit their hookahs for their masters.

Convenience and practicality

Personal hookahs mouthpieces, as a rule, are a product, the main elements of which are the neck strap / tape, as well as some accessories, on which the connectors themselves are attached. Most often in the role of a connector is a piece of silicone hose. But sometimes, mouthpieces made of food plastic, steel or other materials are used instead of silicone.

Hygiene means

It is known that in the hookah mine and especially the hose, heat and moisture are constantly present. It is this environment that is favorable for the multiplication of all kinds of microbes. Therefore, they must be constantly washed, preferably after each pokura. But smoking a hookah in any institution, you can not be sure how often these elements are disinfected. Therefore, never smoke a hookah without special baits.

This is especially important when it is not known who smoked a hookah before that. Perhaps a person had any kind of oral disease. In a special risk zone are hookahs. After all, they smoke a hookah dozens, or even hundreds of times per shift. Therefore, a personal mouthpiece for them is not only a stylish decoration and convenient accessory. But also an elementary sanitary necessity!Stylish personal mouthpiece Hookah Snail

Personal Pipe mouthpiece: Main Features

The personal mouthpiece by Hookah Snail is an excellent option for use in hookah bars, and at home. The main attention we paid not only to the appearance, but also to the quality of the accessories. On a tape with a light accumulator (glows in the dark), for a more comfortable use, there is a special buckle.

  • Lace: 2 x 9 cm;
  • Material of the tape: polyester;
  • Color: black, silk-screen printing with light accumulator
  • Clasp: Fastex;
  • Mouthpiece: black matte silicone Soft Touch, length 5 cm, outer diameter 1.7 cm

Buy an individual mouthpiece for water pipe by Hookah Snail is quite simple. Fast delivery is carried out for all countries of near and far abroad.

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Dimensions 9 × 2 cm


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